Smart home is to choose high-end technology or civilians

Smart Home is based on people's living standards come as the popularity of intelligent, certainly slowly into people's lives. And when the smart home products change people's habits, toward a simpler, more stylish direction after progress, or when people are keenly aware of the convenience, they do not think the product is not practical, opposite the smart home will likely become a necessity.

China started late smart home is an indisputable fact that the overall market is currently "thunder and no rain," the status quo: on the one hand many manufacturers of smart home concept is very hot speculation, insiders play is also booming, but is completely entertain; on the other hand consumer understanding of the smart home concept was all kinds of confusion, which makes the smart home market, "praised." Many industry insiders believe that the Chinese smart home industry as a whole more traditional business model, lack of uniform industry standards and norms, lack of government guidance and support, the people behind the concept of smart home, etc. are reasons restricting the development of China.