In power for the high-tech smart home products show off their wealth it?

Over the years, the smart home fired more and more fire, a variety of home appliances products have embarked on an intelligent way. Dickens said: "This is the best of times, this is the worst of times." The development of the domestic economy, the rise of the civilian consumer market, attracting smart home manufacturers have to enter the civilian market, this piece of blue ocean is the best of times. However, the current status quo, the homogenization of the product, chicken-like intelligence capabilities, lack of emotional concept of products abound, behind the failed companies are aware of simple needs and not enough to detonate the entire market, which is the worst of times . How to develop the civilian market, smart home manufacturers still need to learn.

  Why are foreign brands can not open domestic civil market

 Nearly a decade, domestic rise of the "non-conspicuous consumption" might be able to bring new inspiration. It reflects the elite consumers are increasingly popular low-key luxury, rather than the traditional brand. Sales growth from the global luxury goods industry, more clearly see this new consumer behavior has become mainstream. Smart home, many people in the country are defined as "Tyrant exclusive", I think smart home market is being eroded these brands to carve up. But on Chinese consumer behavior analysis and conclusions are the same as the current situation is, Chinese consumers conspicuous consumption is waning, so some foreign brands of smart home products are not developed in the country.